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I like to count the days of the year then rather the name of the days or months of the year. I like lists of that make no sense but somehow does. Enjoy and thanks for taking the time. Cheers AJH,

Day 40 0f 2014

_self_portrait_by Alan John Hewitt09 Feb 2014

The wind has fallen a sleep with out a dream to be had
The river falls below the ground and continues on to the sea
The life of the rat is confusing to the snake
The time machine crashed into a castle
sometime in the fourteen century
The life span of man is but a blink of the elephants eye
The cause and effects are to blame for everything we have
The idea was to build a space ship in the bathroom
which turned out not to be such good idea after all
The coin toss that started the great war
was rigged from the start
In the end its all a dream some people had a long time ago
If it ever ends will we know ?