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We have days where... we go "uuuggghhh"

There was a time

Img_3736by Aleck Solier31 Dec 2016

There was a time when…
I would’ve dropped everything for a glimpse of you,
To talk for a few minutes,
To exchange pleasantries.

A time when…
I would’ve gone with you to the corners of the world,
To bask in your presence,
To hear your voice.

There was a time when…
I would’ve turned my back on good friends,
Just to look into your eyes,
And to be held in your arms.

A time when…
I would’ve chosen you over family,
Chosen you over best friends,
Chosen you even over my own wants, my own needs.

That time when you were my world, too blind to see, that I wasn’t yours.
That time when I would’ve given you everything, only to know that to you it was nothing.

There was such a time.
Now it’s long gone, leaving lessons to learn.
Knowing you’re never mine,
And in my heart, I can only yearn.