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This poem is about anxiety hope you enjoy.

Broken Lungs

89a367d1ac738ad1c5fab3aa5ec44607by Alejandra Kowalchick23 Jul 2019

Voices swirl around my head
The need to escape suffocates me
Trying to take air in but feel instead my lungs collapsing
I need to move
Need to stop the panic that is rising
I can’t leave it will draw too much attention
It gets to the point where the noises smother me making it hard to focus
I need to find a way to stop all the noise but it’s impossible
But now as I write I feel my emotions calming down
I don’t feel the need to block the birds chirping
The winds whispering
I am at peace walking in a beautiful bliss
I am no longer trapped in the confinement
My lungs take in the crisp winter air and exhale with relief
I am no longer afraid of suffocating