The Way You Make Me Feel

Pz-avatarby Alex Bodnariuk17 Nov 2019

For me, you are like the rising sun,
the fresh beginning of the day.
You are the light, the compass that shows me my way.
Your eyes are blue like the sky, like the ocean;
each time I look at them my heart fills with emotion.
You are my rock, you make me feel safe and secure,
there is nothing that without you, I wouldn't endure.
But sometimes you make me crazy.
Sometimes you make me mad.
Sometimes you make my blood boil in my veins,
it makes me scream like my body is in flames.
With all that, you are the only one who can extinguish them -
so, what is me without you, then?
You are the one, and you are mine,
and from now and till forever,
our lives are intertwined.