I Look in the Mirror (Perspectives)

Pz-avatarby Alex Bodnariuk08 Dec 2019

I look in the mirror, and what do I see?
A strange reflection is looking at me.
The rugged chin
The hairy skin
The wide shoulders
Pair of strong hands that can hold some heavy boulders.

I look in the mirror, and this is not me
a strange reflection is gazing at me.
I am sorry mother,
I am sorry father,
I didn't grow up who you want me to be.
Instead of playing basketball,
I want to dance at the upcoming ball.
Instead of working out in the gym
to be a woman,
it is the only thing about it I dream.

I know it is hard mother,
but it is harder for me.
I know I disappointed you father,
but please be there for me
Because the reflection that is staring at me
it is not who I am,
it is not who I am - intended to be.