80395030_10220641221681973_882804684874579968_o_____________by Alisya Halfon01 Jan 2020

Goodbye, 2019
You've been with us for quite a long time
You haven't been a bad year,
though you haven't been perfect too.
But I know that it is not your fault.
I will remember you forever,
like I remember the rest years that passed.
But there were also moments in this year,
I would rather forget.
I want to ask you something, 2019.
please take with you all that was bad,
the sadness, the loneliness, and the illnesses,
so we won't have them in the next year.
Leave the joy, the dreams, the family and the beauty.
And tell to 2020 to be our friend,
and be good to us.
You've been with us for a long time,
and I say thank you for it.
but now It's time to make way
for the unknown new 2020 year.
I will miss you and remember you,
Don't forget me either.
Goodbye 2019.