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Have you ever thought about what the stories we all know and love look like from the perspective of other characters?

A different perspective

80395030_10220641221681973_882804684874579968_o_____________by Alisya Halfon02 Feb 2020

I'm not a pretty looking guy, I am not a prince at all.
I have a beard and I am low, and I work in a big, dirty hole.
My 6 brothers don’t really care, but I don't want this life.
I want to escape this boring place and find a good and loving wife.
One bright day she appeared, I felt like in a dream.
She had red lips, black hair, and beautiful white skin.
My heart almost jumped out of my chest, I couldn't believe my eyes!
I've never met a real girl, it was such a pleasant surprise.
Finally, something has changed, I hoped she would stay forever!
But seemingly, it is my destiny to always be alone, we will never be together.
Because then he came, rich, beautiful and tall.
He took my Snow White to the ball and ruined all!
Today, I understand that a 'happy ending' not everyone can win.
Remember me, my name is Grumpy, and one day I will marry the Queen!