Lucky Emma

80395030_10220641221681973_882804684874579968_o_____________by Alisya Halfon14 Jun 2020

One day Emma got up and found out that her dog Lucky was not sleeping next to her like he was every day. How strange, Emma thought and quickly went to check if Lucky was under the tree in the garden. But he was not there. Maybe Lucky was sleeping on my parents' bed tonight? Emma thought. But he was not there either. In that second Emma started to worry. Where did my Lucky go ?! she asked. She kept searching, and she checked behind the fridge and even in the bathtub. But he was not there either. Then Emma decided to go back to her room and think carefully when she saw Lucky for the last time. When she reached the room, she saw a small hill under her blanket. How funny, Emma said and began to look for Lucky between the sheets. And there he was right in front of her face, wagging his tail and barking. Oh, my dear Lucky! I will never lose you again !!!! Emma said and hugged Lucky tight.

A preposition of place is a preposition that is used to refer to a place where something or someone is located. For example, Lucky was under the tree. To help the students to understand the topic better, I will show them / ask them to watch the video below.


1. Mark all the prepositions you see in the text.
How many prepositions did you find? ____.

2. Watch the video again and complete.
a. The mouse is ______ the house.
b. The snake is ______ the cake.
c. The rose is _______ the nose.
d. The D is ________________ C.
e. The C is ______________ the D.
f. The E is ______________ the D.
g. I'm ______________ M and W.