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I wrote this poem on a walk in the woods on a winter's morn.
It was covered in snow and too good to pass the chance of a poem. I hope you enjoy it?.

The Beech Tree in Winter

Pz-avatarby alex sarich13 Jan 2021

The Beech Tree in Winter
Standing out alone
a tree in calcareous soil
in cold empty spaces
confronting its neighbors,
embedding its roots
that share the earth with
its dimensions, retaining
most seasonal foliage.

Winter comes, the beech peaks
moss combing its cozy, thick
broken bark on splayed bowed
branches of twisted twine,
reaching the blue-grey sky
filling it with charm
through coming alive.

What I saw next was light
snowflakes dribbling in white
cotton-like threaded strips on
branches exposing each grass
green leaf of this twisted specimen
among all its kind to remain a
stranger to me with the connection,
and has only its solitude.