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This poem is to allow people to explore what things some children may be experiencing right now and how we are doing nothing about it.

Children's Rights

Pz-avatarby Amber Northam26 Feb 2019

Hopes and dreams
are our starters in life
But to be demolished by adults
Just isn’t right

You don’t care about us
We’re just another fish in the sea
Nobody cares about them
Nobody cares about me

To do that to a child
Is plain cruel
You don’t even feed us -fix this part
Or encourage us at school

You can’t afford it you say
But I see it over there
5 stories high
Labelled do not share

You lie to us all day
And you wouldn’t even know
That your nose grows longer
Than Pinocchio’s

The doors are open
For all those above
5 foot seven who live with
Hatred not love

They waltz right in
As we claw our way through
Nobody cares about us
Not even you

We’re in this war
All day and all night
Fighting a battle
We can’t even fight

You pretend its ok
When someone walks by
But when they leave
It continues to be a lie

What matters most
Is you don’t even care
You do what you want
While we cry in despair

We are all alone
In this place you call earth
No one to look up to
Ever since birth

You push us around
Treat us like slaves
Give us false hope
Until our last days

Stop treating us this way
It’s not our fault
We are who we are
So stop the assault

We will fight back
No matter the price
If it’s what it takes
For a little hope in our lives

Hey you, yes you
Look at me now
I’m taller than most
I’m up in the clouds

But look
Look what you’ve done
You’ve taught me to be rude
You’ve taught me to be wrong

Our generation now
Is just like you
Isolating minors
and everything thing they do

we have to stop this
we can’t let it go on
for we have lost way too much
for way too long