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Comeback to poetry after a 3 year break.

And From The Ashes Rises...

Pz-avatarby Amias23 Mar 2019

So this is how it goes
From fast lanes to slow roads
From chasing dreams
To catching ghosts
Never thought I would lose this passion
Never thought that I would stray
But I guess that’s what's brought about
When lost is introduced
When money is intertwined with a dream that was never fully formed
And so I pay the price
The price of writing my words with numbers

I sit looking at the sky
Scared to come back
Scared... To come back
The fear of losing it all
Not my life, not my dreams
But that spark that I had
That little fire that drove me to write and write
Can I reach into the abyss again
Or do I have to search for another well
How far do I have to fall
To claim that pain again

It’s all clueless
Being stuck and procrastinating
And having fears that are exaggerating
Building and never ceasing
With no one to help
I can’t help it
This was my all
Poetry is in my roots
And now I fear it’s rotten
Sat there
For 3 years never improving
In this shadow that keeps chasing
My stories that want to keep speaking
Muffled but still reaching
But the silence still dawns on me
I look around and my fears are still haunting me
How do I take a step forward
When I need to walk again
When i’m crawling on all fours trying to figure it all out again
So this is not a return
I am no longer Amias Davies
I am Amias
A man without roots
Roots that are long dead
The time has come move to another cycle
And I hope for you to see me grow
I’ve lost my old listeners
I’ve lost my old style
For you who have come to see me
I hope you enjoy the ride
As I try to ignite and rewrite
For I hope that I am the phoenix
As I reach and grab forth what is within

Building a new empire
I have written motivational pieces
Emotional pieces
With styles that came as I evolved
And now it’s time for a rebirth
A new step into the unknown
No time to look back
Only looking forward
No time to teach myself
I’ll write as I move on
With every step comes a story
A story that will reach your ears
With my goal to help and be helped
To lay it all out
Every belief and every passion
For that is what’s left of my core
A foundation that will never leave
The want to write to tell a story
No matter how gruesome, no matter the consequences
So I welcome you to this never ending roller-coaster
As we depart from the mountains
No more chasing hills
Time to just sit and write
Thank you for giving me time
And welcome, to my new side