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Another oldie but one of my personal favorites. This is the first time it has been published in any form.

What Was Heard on a Wet Morning in Autumn

B29559d4a577ce9da5357fb9f03a53abby Andrew Breen24 Aug 2013

I hear rain and wind,
Whining and crying its sad Autumn song.
Splattering, hissing, striking the pavement
turning the dry ground into…

I hear the wind snapping Old Glory,
grommets ting,
Against the mast it furls and unfurls itself.

The rain, rolling over the ground into
gutters and ditches and drains.
Bubbling like a fairy tale stream.

I hear the drone of wind,
howling through our door.
Crying, moaning, calling its poor weather dirge.
Reaching back centuries to a noise it carried
when man was an infant.
Tearing through the valley, rushing past
the dim lit caverns in which we once dwelt.

I hear rain
and wind.
The memories of both.