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A shorter piece meant to be performed. Has never been read aloud or recorded; that will be changing soon.

Open Range

B29559d4a577ce9da5357fb9f03a53abby Andrew Breen24 Aug 2013

Oyster moon dripping
luminary pearls
into the jewler's hand.
Precious celestial metals
trim the hems
of galactic garments.
Lined with the fur
of fire fox.
A million places to
hide cracked rocks
from Europa.
The great Titan
went and brushed
his shoulder off
scoffed at his external charge
which now navigates the
vast void.
Expanded girth of Venus
result: spaceship birth.
Technicolor dream state worth
its weight in gold.
Evolution on hold.
Wobbly topped
revolution, three-six-five
hasn’t stopped in 250 billion years.
Onyx expanse.
Cosmic praire.
Lonesome dove.
Time measured in rhythms
tapped out on the architects
bongo drums.
Long pauses of “ohm.”