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Abraham Lincoln's great great great grandfather left England for America in 1649. Consider America's fate during the Civil War if he hadn't brought the Lincolns to the New World.

Our American Cousin

Andrew_sunset_imageby Andrew McDiarmid03 Jul 2014

What is it but the telescope of truth?
Which strips the distance of its fantasies,
And brings life near in utter nakedness,
Making the cold reality too real!
- Lord Byron, “The Dream”

Samuel left his native land and came
to Massachusetts for a reason, who
could know that soon the mighty Hand
would knit a nation’s brokenness
together with a man called Abraham?

The boy grew up, lost his mother, lost
his brother, lost his sister, found Burns
and Shakespeare in borrowed books
and the fire of his spirit was ignited.
“Let us dare to do our duty,” he said.

Through the looking glass at Springfield
he had seen two men, the one that would
lead through darkness and the one
that would fall, he had some time.

Oh it was a long war, and the price paid
for the brutal acts of men was dear,
and though his own son died, he kept
his time in mind and did not sway
even to that April day.

He had dreamt of it some days before,
had seen the guarded body
in the East Room, heard the sobs
and moans of grief; they were not
unlike the sounds that filled the theater
and the boarding house that night
into the morning.

John will have thought himself successful
but he would not have known how small
and unoriginal was his mark on the story
started long ago, the story of a man who left
his native land and came to Massachusetts
for a reason.