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Berlin is incomparable, everyone wants to be their own Berlin.

Berlin Box

174434ca63a83814c4db9fa3acaec65fby Andrew Ryan11 Mar 2015

The box in which berlin lives
Is stinky as cheese
Full of holes like a wire fence
Fine as lace and silk wings
Otherwise the animal which
Berlin is could not survive
Within the box
Were the walls unable to breathe through
There'd be no air
The special kind in a can,
Were the exterior walls softer
They could break off
To leave holes through which
History can be seen
Project Selma on bookshop walls
Hard in the way that invites
Sound to scatter phenomenonly
10 tongues divide out of one
Then suck them up into brick
Untamed energy spray paint
That everyone wants to paint
Their box like berlin's unmatchable