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My view on the chaotic relationship between the media, the politician, and the commenter via a 24 hour broadcasting system designed to sensationalise everything.

Anger Management

Dsc02829__small_by Andy Buclaw08 Dec 2014

A new day, a breaking news story
Some minor controversy to heed
The paparazzi stalk some poor fool's house
Rubbing the wound until it bleeds

Two sides begin point scoring
In a simple game of misdirection
Sure enough, the anger spills over
Into the comment section

It's no longer acceptable to have a view
That contradicts the received wisdom
A heretic, called every other name
For voicing their democratic opinion

The digital recorder is always rolling
The hidden camera always in operation
Streaming an infinite number of films
With an infinite number of admissions

It's where passion becomes opportunistic
Slaying the hapless victim in broad daylight
Making the case through hyperbole
To encourage the mild mannered to fight

Each new sensation attaches its fangs
Tightening as its pulled like a leech
Bleeding the unscrupulous perpetrator
Into an apologetic speech

Whether or not they're guilty
Or their apologies are heartfelt
It shapes party policy
Weeding controversy out

In an instant, a headline can be polarised
No need for further reading
With frivolous bile underneath
To help the trolls get their feeding

Every soundbite and photograph
Is a snapshot of a mere second
Of the wider conversation
For which no-one appears to be beckoned

Instead they invite angered bystanders
Who are groomed into repeating words
Manufacturing each stereotype
To sell newspapers to the world

Yet, I'm shamed by those on my side
Who claim to be more tolerant and calm
But swear just the same when words are exchanged
From Passion to a secular psalm

Quoting fallible sources held in esteem
To mask their incredulity
Veiled threats of violence erupt from the crowd
Against those who protect the community

The arrogance assimilates
Through the self-conscious beings
Who exclude the context or the history
Because now is where it's happening

Living, breathing, angry machines
Coerced to write opinions
Onto every media page
That sells their personal feelings

And every click, a willing inhabitant
Commits their rage to paper
Making impossible connections
Between ideology and the data

Until satire numbs the issue
With a caricature of a figure
Dumbing down the argument further
Into consumable popular culture

Then we laugh out loud at the broken promise
Snorting into our drinks
Then the cycle is completed
We've no further need to think

Till tomorrow, when a pungent Minister
Spreads his odour onto public service
The vitriol will descend once more
Singing from many contradictory verses

17th October 2014