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The future of the entrepreneur


Dsc02829__small_by Andy Buclaw08 Dec 2014

Send my regards to the boss
The leader of our workforce
The calculator of the cost
Of each single digit source

The hardened servant
Of Keynesian economic theory
The old giant of current
Thinking beyond the singularity

With machine like efficiency
He grinds the numbers into dust
Sees a new target in productivity
To beat the boom and bust

He sweats like no machine can
And puts his heart into every sale
The honest leader of the every man
Collects the bulk of the paper trail

The man sees no Sabbath
A worker of the Twenty-Four Seven
But he gives no exasperated breath
As the clock races past Eleven

And how his speeches light up a room
The eloquence of profiteering
Even the cleaner refuses to use his broom
As the words are so endearing

Not a shred of rebellion in the air
Not a beep or a click out of turn
The work is plenty, the boss is fair
And the company has money to burn

But in spite of his brilliance
He is alone in this cold, office bay
With access to all the billions
Of transactions processed each day

His ageing eyes cannot keep up
With the computer's inhuman speed
The whirring sound of success
Is the sound of mass redundancy

He sits in his office thinking
Sipping at an expensive scotch
About the human workforce shrinking
To him, a single man's job

All the while the whirring
Gets louder by the day
As the computers keep on stirring
New products to make us behave

29th September 2014