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one way music and writing are intertwined

Write it Out

Bqca2hwceaaa6seby PM Gower16 Jul 2015

sitting quietly pen in hand
the white page stands
your thoughts pause
momentarily in anticipation
like the silence before
the onset of music in
an imagined symphony hall

your pen falls to the paper
and utters one simple
letter and a single note
sounds in the mind

your pen continues
shaping letters into words,
then to sentences and
paragraphs like the composer’s
baton building tones into
melodies and finally music

music that ebbs and flows
through your imagination
mirroring the twisting
synthesis of voice, theme
and plot into coherent
aspects of story

as you write the trill of the
violins merge with the
metallic roar of the
horns and the melancholy
call of the woodwinds
that overflows the mind
with decibels
till the story’s climax
explodes in a whirlwind
of cymbals and drums

then the music subsides as
the story’s ending unfolds
and the mind collapses

all becomes quiet

then a new creation forms
tickling the consciousness
with a whisper saying
“write it”

again it murmurs
though somewhat louder
“write it out”

finally in a shattering eruption
that shakes the world

and the pens falls to
a new blank page
and the symphony
begins again