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Thinking of a lost spring during Covid -19 crisis.

Lost Spring - 2020

Pz-avatarby Anna Karina Ephrem20 Jun 2020

Specially bloomed for the spring,
Beautiful flowers with wings.
Red, blue and yellow,
All across the meadow.

They bring delight to all with their beauty,
Decked bright enough for a deity.
All looked forward to the spring this year,
But everyone missed it including me and my dear.

The flowers in my garden bloomed bright and lovely,
When I stayed in a lockdown lonely.
I wasn’t allowed to be amused by their beauty,
Staying indoors to be safe was my duty.

How I felt when I had to chop them down,
For a fallen one who needed a crown.
Little did I know that the flower I grew,
Will adorn a precious flower slew.

Spring was over and out came summer,
With hearts and minds dimmer than ever.
My beautiful garden was now all dry,
And how a spring passed without bright smiles was out of ordinary.

I am hopeful that spring will come again,
To fill the meadows with flowers again.
Bright smiles and colorful lives,
And we will by then be out of our beehives.