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I dedicate this wonderful poem to the people of Kenya!


Img_20160415_193827by Anne Achieng01 Feb 2016

In Asembo,
When you think of beauty,
She was the only reference
When you, think of style,
She always had a unique one
When you think of brilliance,
She had undoubtedly high wit

Auma, had the flawless dark body
That dark skin, that with a touch of oil,it could glow in the dark
Her waist like that of an ant
The silver ring she put on her nose
Always there for a show,
With her brilliant grin, to accompany it

Adored by the young old
Envied by her peers
Emulated by the teenagers
Praised by the family
Despised by the village elders
Reprimanded by the police
Never cared anyway

Had a heart made of stone
Probably, as dark as coal
Always had a bright face
But a heart as cold as ice
For there was always a cover
For the rot in the inner
But this, only the wise know

So young and beautiful
So brilliant and witty
Died a sad death
Not disease, not accident,
But by a mob action
For her fortieth day had come
The pretty,little village thief!