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I dedicate this poem to all the African countries that are going through difficult times

Cry My Beloved Country

Img_20160415_193827by Anne Achieng19 Feb 2016

Cry my beloved country
For these are the days of helplessness
The light at the end of the tunnel
Grows dimmer by night
The future is hopeless
The nation run by the rich
The poor's voices
Are just a frog's noises
The cow still, and will still, drink the water
So cry, mourn,weep
My beloved country
For the future is hazy
Corruption always the order of the day
Citizens will never have their way
So cry, weep, dance in pools of tears
For these are worse days
Tomorrow will be the worst
My fellow countrymen
Do not make merry
Do not laugh, do not enjoy,
For wickedness is immense
Cry Kenya! Cry! Your blood will pour
And the rich will ride on it
So cry! For you'll never benefit
From the wealth of a few
Let the world know
That the wound is now deep
It is now, more painful than ever
Due to your ignorance
Now a surgeon is needed!
But this will take time
Maybe a decade or so
Of pain, of helplessness,
So cry! My beloved country!