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Nature's way of expressing romance. For lovers. Spread the love!


Img_20160415_193827by Anne Achieng17 Mar 2016

We shall go to the wild
Deep in the aberdares
And the trees shall make a home
For the two juvenile hearts
The falls will quench our thirst
Mornings in the wild
The birds will form an orchestra
And we shall be notes
In the awesome symphony
Whose cadence forms
A smile in the sun
And through the nights
The splendour of the moon
Will keep our eyes open
The big bright stars
Will watch over us
With nature's patience
The breeze will blow smoothly
As we hold hands tightly
To feel the warmth of the blood
To hear the depth of the heart beat
Awake, forever, in a sweet dream
Still steadfast, still unchangeable
For our time here is short
The wild we'll soon depart
To the world we'll have to return
Our love, old and enchanting
Let's stay awake
Hear the crickets sing
Hear the lions roar
A whole new song of love
Smile, the night's still young!