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When you have an inner battle with yourself, when the past comes haunting you, keep focus and strive to be better, shade of the fears and tears. Yearn for passion, sad memories and worries won't solve anything. Look forward to new and greater possibilities. Strength and passion are highly available and contagious.

Throb of Starvation

Img_20160415_193827by Anne Achieng08 Oct 2017

Once thought I was made of gold
With a conscious mature and bold
The pain that everyday deepens
Then the emotion that burdens

I no longer count the seconds
In long quiet patience
I can feel the inner pieces
Miserable and cold insides

Yet still, passion engraved

And the day broke
A breath of frozen craves
Too close, please don't look
Mind lost, within the curves

Now made of diamond, unbreakable
With a ring of steel, unbendable
Too much viguor, untameable
Too frail a heart, invisible

My heart,
Iced yet fiery
Faulty yet perfect
A throb of starvation.