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This is a feeling beyond words. How do you explain when you want a hug to last forever? My emotions in words. How I love hugs especially long warm ones, with a loved one.

The Embrace

Img_20160415_193827by Anne Achieng10 Oct 2017

From the dark corner,
your voice tickles me
Titillation, hard to withset
The noontime sunlight,
slides through the window
I try to maintain my eye contact
But it's that half smile of yours
That makes me look away
In brief moments of shyness
I can feel your stare
It's your eyes caressing my skin
I flinch and tense up,
As you stretch your arms towards me
I sink deep in your embrace
Your hands move over me
Like they've been there times before
I close my eyes,
And for a moment, time stopped
I feel our heartbeats resonating
I feel the roughness of your beards
Rubbing against my soft cheeks
The first time you touched me
Young hearts,
Delving within ourselves
Our overt close encounters.

Breathing hard in anticipation
I can feel my body tingle
Your hands wrapped round my waist
In infant swirls,
I lay my head entranced over your shoulders
My heart seeks more
My mind solicits not in agreement
I pull back
The embrace lasts forever
Yet, it's over in a second.
I crave, seeking for a reconnection
Like am reaching out for something
Something so fictitious,

I want it deeper in the seas
To dwell in space, skywards above
I want endlessness, infinity
Where the sweet serenade moments
Have no limitation of time
Where all is hot and steaming
Where bodies glisten
In the perspiration of passion
I yearn for it
Now and in eternity.