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This is my encounters with a person I cherish and hold close to my heart. Moments to remember.

Royalty Endowed

Img_20160415_193827by Anne Achieng01 Dec 2017

A night so dark,
Lit up by two happy souls
Seated at the parking lot
Light creeps from the windows
Behold, a wondrous site
Engulfed with compassion
Our love, sweeter than wine

Amidst darkness and light
The cold breeze brushes
Hands entangled, we hold tight
Tender words and warm whispers
My head, on your shoulder I rest
Bound, in this magical moment
Our love, so warm and true

The sparkle in your eyes
Gazing at the distant skys
Ancient stars, three in a row
You and I at the far extremes
Central is God, holding us together
Lost in the heavenly gaze
Our love, a devine command

Clouds rushing westwards
In the beauty on the night
Half moon crowning the Skys
Laughing and smiling in awe
In silence that speaks volumes
The moment of magnificence
Our love, endowed in Royalty.