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My poems are conversational by is almost like talking to a dear friend under the soft lights of an obscure pub,,,,,, with a glass of wine in your hand or beer as per your taste in alcoholic beverage.

Soldiers of Life

32665d36b79bfe2303f11e0a0df7a307by Anthony Mondal07 Jul 2014

Dream on Dream on, O Soldier of life
This world is but a space, that in your mind occupies.
Carry on Carry on with your revolt and optimism.
Do not be discouraged
And a New World will wash away, all the old World – isms.
Tyrants they come and tyrants they go
Truth still shines, though the progress is slow.
You carry the weight, You carry the burden
You blast the path and dark roads brighten.
None but you may fulfill this task
So don’t abandon your Dreams, that is all I ask.