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My poems are conversational by is almost like talking to a dear friend under the soft lights of an obscure pub,,,,,, with a glass of wine in your hand or beer as per your taste in alcoholic beverage.

Bits & Pieces of Conversation in an Uptown Train

32665d36b79bfe2303f11e0a0df7a307by Anthony Mondal07 Jul 2014

In a soft excited voice they carry on their conversations
As if your ears tuned to various radio stations
Asian, European, African and Latin
Wasp Muslims Gentile’s and Jew
Omitting I am only a few.
Angry, agitated full of grudge
And you hear them all at once, what’s the buzz?
The Chinese ladies speak their own dialect in a rapid tone
Two elderly men, by the door, their grievances out pour
Stone faced sits the Kansas native
Avoiding eye contact with the African man.
While at a distance not too far
Four young friends they laugh and joke
Indifferent of the crowd, Indifferent of their colors
Alas if we could only heed, to the message behind their laughter’s.
And these diverse groups of people
Thrown together by greed’s forceful hand
For better understanding, a dialogue demands.
And they all get off on their respective stops
Unfinished phrases left behind, for someone else to carry on
And this human circus goes on and on …… a never ending story
Uncomfortable truth and a human tragedy.