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Leader Exemplar is an ode written by the persona in praise of his boss. He talks of her compassionate and caring nature. He describes her toughness and firmness within which he still finds tenderness. He appreciates her strength, diligence and beauty.

Leader Exemplar

Pz-avatarby Anuoluwa Boluwatife Stephen 19 Dec 2019

Empathy your essence enwraps,
Care your core nappes,
In your blaring whines
From a thousand miles,
Yet find I a fond lion
Softly strong like an iron.

Stronger you are than an elephant
Toilsome you are like an ant
What glitch your carpus dree?
None my lens can see
Aphrodite sneers in envy
Eros grovel in levy.

Need I a capo another life,
You will I yet yearn.