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From my mother's womb is a satire written by the persona to decry the political subjugation of the youth by the elders of his society. The theme include greed, idleness, deprivation and subjugation.

From My Mother's Womb

Pz-avatarby Anuoluwa Boluwatife Stephen 19 Dec 2019

Leader of tomorrow they called him
From my mother's womb
Glued to the cake they stay
From my mother's womb.

Crumbs the serf grovel to take
From my mother's womb
With deafening belch and stupor they trampled him
From my mother's womb.

Century halfed still the same mammoths
Century halfed still his back aground
Wake up! banged an impetus
Let them return my right he frowned.

Alive from obscurity he awoke
Enough thou usurping cockrel.