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Hello. I write poetry exploring the true meanings and things about the world. And about out position and influence in and on it. Anyone can wear every face, except their own.


Download__1_by Apollyon13 Nov 2020

The night brings dew and rain and bright lights to show.
My favorite time for my heartbeat to slow.
They tell me its bad, the dark at night, they tell me to rise and face the morning light.
They reveal to me the sun, but they see not the shadows created by it.
The sun is great they always remark, but what about the heat and the burn one is inflicted with.
For these burns and the heat is the same as the issue of life. What's bad can become good, and what's good can become bad
The sun, though bright and clear, blinds those to look at it, drags them into an endless cycle of perceived light, until at last it fades
And people say the night is of fiends, it calls for corruption and murderous things.
But they see not or notice not, that in the dark, lights shine the brightest, or that in the night, the darkness does not multiply, but rather stay constant.
So why will you tell me to be only of the sun? To smile and giggle in all my ‘true’ fun.
But not everyday comes with greenery and roses,
There's fire, rain, destruction and explosions.
And you tell me those things are not of the day, only the happy can ever find a way.
But who are the happy and where can I find them? How can one possibly always look to the horizon?
You say they are there, it's hard to find them, but even in the sadness their smile only brightens.
But that is all a lie.
A man can smile and say he is alright.
but it does not mean his future looks bright.
For in the end, you will find happiness is treacherous.
And one with ease can wear every face, except his own.
So do not tell me
‘all happy, all the time!’ and fill in the space with your distilled lies!
And so I say, the man who hears these things, will find peace and ease among all other things.
Do not listen to the man who says all is bright.
The lies of the world are more fearsome than the night.