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Not enough

Download__1_by Apollyon12 Jan 2021

Butterflies. As they fly they never cry
In the sun floating so high.
Even in the night they have sparkles in their eyes.
The moon always shines at the right time
all is bright
all is well.
And yet is not. and yet it never was
and yet it, never will be
For the old man said, 2 sides of the same coin
and I believed him
a white board. Clear, marked, not yet but soon
and after its marked? What does the world call it?
out of place
I ask. Why am I not enough?
Can I not be the butterfly who chases the clouds?
Who shines in the sun?
or glistens in the night?
Why am I not enough?
For all the days I spent in peace
they are never enough
but I hope.
I know the year will come, where I will finally meet