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The sad reality of how money, is, and will always be, as the Bible says, the root of all evil...

Martyrs For Money

_rhimeby Arcane26 Feb 2014

The love of money’s the root of all evil and the fruits of its pursuit are death and pain
for the paper, niggaz are turning into martyrs….it ain’t nothing but a damn shame
I’ve seen niggaz putting price tags on their priceless souls
and becoming puppets that the devil controls
I’ve witnessed young girls allowing their temples to become marketplaces for sin
allowing the money to give demons a way in
The dead presidents are slowly killing off our innocence and depleting our sanity
dreams of riches got us feeling like we can defy gravity
so off we go wreckin’ and lootin’, shooting’ and prostitutin’
we ought to take a step back and think about what we’re doin’
as we exchange a lifetime of wealth for an eternity of punishment
all because we want to be the place ‘where the money went’
life’s about much more than the money in your hand
for man makes the money, money never makes the man.