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Dedicated to all the 'women' in my life.


_rhimeby Arcane26 Feb 2014

It all began when i found Grace,

she turned my life around when i was in a bad space,

I thought she was all i needed to survive,

til' the day it dawned on me that i needed to thrive,

It was at the point that i fell for Desire,

she was a wild child, my resident adrenalin supplier,

Had me doing things i thought i'd never do,

guess i kinda bit off a little more than i could chew,

Not long after, i started chasing after Destiny,

she taught me that my future can't be decided by fate, my tomorrow rests with me,

she also said she loved me, but she was scared,

scared for me cause she felt that for her a girl like her, i wasn't emotionally prepared,

So i fell back a little and Patience came along,

a real tease, played hard to get, but encouraged me to be head-strong,

So while i waited on her, i got me some Melody,

she had a way with words, hit the right chords, was always there when i needed therapy,

She made a big mistake & introduced me to her cousin, Prudence,

she came & tamed me like Senior High School prefects do 8th grade students,

We took things real slow from start,

but my spontaneous nature soon drove us apart,

then just last week,i hit it off with Memory who reminded me,

of all the obvious things i was too blind to see,

All this interaction was orchestrated to help me find myself,

so i took a knee & thanked the Almighty for thy help,

So now im monogomous, and in my mind, a vision continues to linger,

that day when i put a ring on Destiny's finger.