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I’m not the first person to touch on this topic and I’m sure I won’t be the last, but after seeing some of my friends go through this and under the instruction of the Holy Ghost, I just had to say…or rather write something in relation to it. I have faith that this piece moves a soul or two and if you’ve never been in such a situation, just take it as a metaphor of whatever crisis you might be in and find solace in God’s grace and the power of the cross.

Third Party Politics

_rhimeby Arcane26 Feb 2014

He said all the right words then you stayed the night,

thought you were making love then oops! You done made a life,

So you want to be responsible, and you want him to make it right,

but then he told you that you ain’t the type he wants to make a wife,

Now there’s so much pain and strife,

you just feel like grabbing a knife and stabbing him countless times so he can feel what your pain is like,

But you ain’t trying to take his life, you just want to him to see,

that this is much more then what it looks like: an unplanned pregnancy,

He says “this could be the death of me!” you tell him it could be our destiny,

he looks at you like, “girl, is you testing me? Can’t you see we’re being punished for acting so recklessly?”

So blinded by fear and pride, he thinks walking away from it all is the recipe,

he’s still in varsity, how he gon’ be a daddy at 23??

You ain’t know what to do so you get on your knees,

hoping with every bit of your being that God hears your penitent pleas,

But that devil on your shoulder gently whispers in your ear,

“You’s a fornicator baby, your prayer is one He ain’t trying to hear!”

Ooh, that’s cold, but somehow you entertain the idea if it being true,

but don’t you remember that in spite of what you did, Jesus Christ died for YOU!?

Has selective amnesia made you forget Isaiah 1:18?,

when God told you no matter your type of filth, He can make you clean,

He says to you, “Come let’s reason together,

I will wash away your sins, and banish them forever”

“And if you’re willing & obedient, I’ll make the most of your situation,

because I see an expectant mother, not a sinner who was victim of temptation”

See, He knows what you did, and knows what went through your mind after you did it,

yet He wants you to throw your guilt away, for His forgiveness has no limit,

And you should remember that whatever does or doesn’t happen,

life is a perpetual war and Romans 8:28 is the ammo you should be strappin’,



So hold your head up high and don’t let anybody make you feel worthless,

It don’t matter what they say, it don’t matter what he does,

you still walk in God’s grace by the blood of Jesus!