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A metaphoric tale of modern day slavery and the call to break the chains that bind our hearts, minds and spirits.

Kunta Kinte

_rhimeby Arcane26 Feb 2014

His journey from Gambia to Maryland, reciprocated mentally & physically,

Rural folk still think its modern Western wizardry,

The way my exiled folk escaped slavery just to be enslaved again,

Nubian Queens selling their integrity just to be accepted by warriors-turned-savages

who mistake themselves for made men,

The slave masters took away their whips & chains & gave us whips(cars) & chains(necklaces),

enslaving our minds with the notion that true happiness only comes from monetary gain,

But I go against the grain & like Kunta Kinte, I’m running…

….running towards freedom & away from slavery,

running away from fear & running towards bravery,

Running away from ignorance in search of the divine Truth,

In order to reclaim the innocence lost in the folly of my youth,

But my people refuse to run with me,

saying, “it is what it is, just let it be”,

Comfortable with shackles on their feet & cuffs on their wrists,

Brainwashed into believing that ignorance is bliss,

Priorities amiss, only focused on the material,

Refusing to accept that it’s the spiritual that makes us imperial,

But like Kunta Kinte, I stay running,

Discarding what was & embracing what’s coming,

And if history ever repeats itself & the powers that be catch me & sever my feet,

I hope the essence of the imprints I leave on the concrete will forever be a part of the streets,

I implore you, run away with me, even if it means running yourselves into your graves,

And lets die with faith, hoping we’ve inspired a generation of runaway slaves. -Arcane