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This is an account of my current (and hopefully last) relationship. Our relationship was built on the long walks we used to take together, hence the title. Dedicated to Anesu.

A Walk To Remember

_rhimeby Arcane27 Feb 2014

You found me all over the place,
running the wrong way, you followed me, called me and told me to ease my pace,
Then you walked away, having left imprints on my heart, so I did a 180 and you had a brother tryna chase,
I followed closely and caught up to after a while,
we took a long walk, I call it the 1st mile,
you had me asking you questions so that I can deliberate like a jury at a
We took walks for a straight week, just like lovers do, hand in hand,
But the problem was I had a girl and you had a man,
My friends told me to walk away, your friends to you to walk away,
But we told THEM to walk away so that we can walk OUR way,
So I walked away from her and you walked away from him,
Then we let God walk before you and I so before our walk as 'us' could begin,
My friends said we were walking too fast,
your friends said we had walked into a close so our walk wouldn't last,
but we walked in the moment, paved a way for our future as we walked away
from our past,
Hand in hand, with smiles on deck, our hearts beating faster with every step,
This is a walk to remember, a walk I can never forget,
My lifeline, came at exactly the right time,
I hope and pray that we can walk a lifetime,
But for now, I focus on the second mile,
The one where I watch you slowly walk that aisle... -Arcane