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This is my 1st ever piece, written some 3 years back, highlighting the plight of homeless kids.

Children of The Asphalt

_rhimeby Arcane27 Feb 2014

Torn clothes and empty bellies, charred skin and broken spirits,
On the end of desperation, they grab whatever is within their limits,
Through the city's slums they roam,
With every new day comes another journey into the unknown,
It's an all out war just to get ahead,
So they toil, steal, scavenge and beg,
Total strangers are treated like saviors,
Followed and bothered just to do a couple favors,
Poverty personified, it's never been more real,
When you in through a trash can for your next meal,
So before you judge them whilst you take a stroll,
Think of what YOU would do if you switched roles. -Arcane