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My ode rapping as an artform, and what it means to me.

Love At First Write

_rhimeby Arcane27 Feb 2014

The smooth stroke of the pen, the sweet scent of the ink
the cleverly constructed scripts that entice us to think, sweet love...
The metaphors and punch-lines, the themes and hidden meanings,
the kinda wordplay that makes you wanna reach for the ceiling, sweet love...
The thought, the word, the emotion,
the action invoked by the culmination of a notion,
that is engraved by ink on a canvas made out of processed wood,
to eject all that is bad and instil all that is good
Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’m in love with the art,
that is driven by the brain and inspired by the heart,
my instincts can’t be wrong, this has to be right,
for me it was love, love at first write.