Martyrs For Money

_rhimeby Arcane02 Jun 2014

The love of money’s the root of all evil, and the price of its pursuit are death and pain,
For the paper, people are turning into
martyrs….frankly, it ain’t nothing but a shame,
I’ve seen dudes putting price tags on their priceless souls,
And becoming little puppets that the devil controls,
I’ve witnessed young girls allowing their bodily temples to become marketplaces for sin,
Allowing Franklin Benjamins to give Lucifers a way in,
The dead presidents resurrected, slowly
killing off our innocence and
depleting our sanity,
Million dollar dreams got us feeling like
we can defy the laws of moral gravity,
So off we go wreckin’ and lootin’, shooting’ and prostitutin’,
We ought to take a step back and think about what we’re doin’,
As we exchange a lifetime of wealth for an eternity of punishment,
All because we want to be the place
‘where the money went’
Life’s about much more than the money in your hand,
For man makes the money, money never makes the man. -Arcane