Kim was impatient

Img_2718by Asemo Mola19 May 2020

Kim was impatient as she waited with her husband for her pregnancy test results. She had a particularly difficult year, a year in which she lost her first boy. While she waited, she recalled how in week 33 she rushed to the hospital because she couldn't feel the baby's movements. How Dr.Jane entered her room and told them, she had tried to unplug him from the life support machine and he could not breathe alone. It was only then Kim realized that they might be leaving the hospital empty-handed. She remembered how the doctors did a lot of tests but could not find what he had. The baby's condition was deteriorating day by day. She recalled how she asked the medical staff to stop their fight and just help him endure the pain. The baby survived ten days, and on his last night, they called and asked if she wanted to come and say goodbye. She didn't come because she was scared. She knew she would not be able to bear those last moments.