Rising Sun

Pz-avatarby Ashley Riley19 Mar 2014

this morning, strangely
the windows lit with a peachy glow
all cool glass and fogged breath
my fingers painted a heart, but it faded away

brushstrokes wasted,
the canvas empty
but I drank my lukewarm coffee
and watched the clouds turn pink

the empty chair across from me cast a tall shadow
in the newborn light
and I tried not to think
which is, of course, impossible
and I thought about buying a new chair
because it was getting old

and the mug got cold in my fingers,
but I didn't care
winter had already spread her frigid touch
that is, I hadn't paid the gas bill in a month

the doorbell rang
like a gunshot, and I felt wounded
the mug lay in pieces on the floor
I opened it, and you

and the sun peeked shyly over the horizon
colored with dandelion yellow crayons
I like to think it was a sign
or something

because this morning, strangely
the sun rose
and we watched it together.