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I just want people to see and read my poems .

My love

Img_20160413_174848263by Aubrey Woodham09 Jan 2018

Just the touch your hand lets me know that your there .the way you hold me in your arms shows me that you care ,youll never be alone ill always be by your side ,you are my joy and our kids are my pride.i dont know what i would do without your love because i know you are a gift from the good lord above..being without you is like a heart without a beat or lungs without air ,i will gladly give you my last breath just to show you that i care.theres nothing that i wouldnt do to show you that im always there for you.sometimrs we may argue and say things we dont mean but i promise you baby You Are My Everything.!!m not perfect we both know this is true but nobody could ever love you half as much as i do.i just want to tell you how i feel just incase you didnt know ,i will be there by your side anywhere you ever choose to go.I'll never leave you lonely without a hand to hold ,i want  to be by your side as we are growing old..You will always have my shoulder incase you need a place to cry i want you to feel my love by just looking me in the eye.if i ever lost you my whole world would come to an end because you are my lover and my very best friend.the thought of seeing you walk away brings tears to my eyes ,everyone says that a grown man never cries but ill be damned if i think that is true because i guarantee i would cry over you..i know i dont say i love you as much as i should and maybe i dont hold you as much as i could but dont you rver think that i dont care because when you think you are alone ill b standing there .you are the very love of my life the mother of my kids and my beaitiful wife. i wrote this poem for you,you know who you are ..youll have my love always near and keep on doin the things that you do and  never forget youll never find a love more true than mine...; By:Aubrey woodham