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This poem is dedicated to all of the struggling addicts in the world .


Img_20160413_174848263by Aubrey Woodham09 Jan 2018

My mind is scattered and I dont know what to do .I have marks on my arms and a point in my shoe .the meth hides my feelings and some of the pain so ill draw another one, straight to the vein ill sit here knowing exactly what it cost... just like all of my loved that i have already lost.i feel like theres no use in trying because im all alone ,there's not even one person i could call on the phone,It seems as if nobody could care if i live or I die,so why in the fuck shouldnt i stay high? People judge me as they laugh and smile but; iknow they couldnt walk in these shoes! not even a mile!!.yes its true; im lost inside but ill never admit it because of my pride .ive lost my mother and even my kid i stay high because of some of the things i not proud of the things that i do but if you were a junkie, you would too!!!...ive got bruises and misses all over my arms but thats just meth giving you some of her; charms.i remember the first shot that i had ever done .I was bored and just wanted to have some fun.from the moment the needle stuck in my vein was the moment i knew that everything had changed .i forgot about my family and the place i called home ,i lost everything good in my life that i had ever known.ive burned bridges with family and all of my friends ,it gifts like these meth loves to scared; ill be a junkie for the rest of my years being a nobody is one of my biggest fear.all alone and nobody to care just another meth head with a wondering stare,.if you choose meth youve chose the losing side its the one thing i shouldve never tried,.all of the regrets and all of the tears all of the heartbreak; that lasts for years .you cant go back and you have no friends just some more gifts that meth sends....
; By:aubrey woodham Meth