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I wrote this poem for my daughter that she knows im always here.

Because of you...

Img_20160413_174848263by Aubrey Woodham10 Jan 2018

Its because of you that i lye awake at night and pray to tbe good lord above just remember there's nothing more intense than your daddys never ending love you'll never find a better friend this I swear to you is true because there's nothing in this world that your daddy wouldn't do if you ever feel alone just remember that I'm there just take me by the hand and I'll show you that I care I'll try to protect you from all the evil in the world because we both know that you are your daddy's girl,it scares me to death to think that your nearly grown so close to a life out there living own your own.its because of you that i try my very best i will always be here until the day they lay me down to rest.
Dedicated to :Audrey woodham.
By:Aubrey woodham