the night

Screen_shot_2017-10-16_at_13.24.40by Rebecca Avery16 Oct 2017

I want to forever treasure
that night when we laid in bed
tucked under the blanket in the late hours
and you played me your favourite songs
as I watched you
the low lamplight illuminating your features
the beautiful slope of your nose
the gentle pillow of your lips
the shadows your eyelashes cast upon your face
and my heart swelled in time with the music
the smile I could not keep off my face
the same smile I find myself with more and more each day I spend with you
the kind I cant explain with words
the kind I shrug off with my shoulders and an “I don’t know”
as you enquire about its origin

periodically I remind myself
there is no way this could be wrong
no way this feeling should be buried
forgotten, trapped
like a bird in its cage

sometimes I miss your presence
before you have left
yearn for your touch
while your fingers linger in my hair
inhale your scent
knowing I will think of you later
as I lay in bed
alone this time
still thinking of your profile
that moment
our smiles
the inexplicable feeling of