Committed to Wrong - a Right

Pz-avatarby Sandymac19 Dec 2018

Dis-May is bad for the Country,
Dis-May is bad for the Soul,
Dis-May is happy to sell us Fear,
Dis-May is a self-serving Goal.

Dis-May lacks basic Humanity,
Dis-May claims a People's Will,
Dis-May divides the us and the Them,
Dis-May will deliver its Kill.

Dis-May believes in its Power,
Dis-May can sleep though the Plight,
Dis-May cares but for Itself,
Dis-May claims the zealot's Right,

Dis-May is what our children will inherit,
Dis-May plays games with their lives,
Dis-May breaks so much more than it fixes,
Dis-May it deceives and connives.

Dis-May wont listen to reason,
Dis-May cares not for the sorrow,
Dis-May will eventually die,
Dis-May wont be there for tomorrow,

Dis-May can be banished by Love,
Dis-May can give way to Hope,
Dis-May can be forgotten,
Dis-May will never be forgiven.