Poverty In Dependence.

Pz-avatarby Sandymac11 Mar 2014

You can't have the pound;
Of flesh that mattered.
And with a series of subjugating stunts
wielded with paternalistic self-interest
stymying any liberating notions
of flight with your clearly broken wings,
a people again assume the position.

Scaremongering tactics eroding hope,
obscuring a vision of self-determination
which starts with self and ends in a nation.
Beleaguered images handed down from our ennobled betters
engrained with entitlement and empire
look more like the mistakes of the past
than any future I would want to choose.

Wherein lies the heart?
Wherein lies the true self?
Without the lubricating oil are we any less seized?
When money and faith are withdrawn, what is left?
When responsibility is abandoned, what is right?
What freedom in these groups of cells?

Do you have the currency to make a better life for all?

Yes or No?

A path y ou will not take us
down to where decisions must be made.