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Poetry Box

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon19 Feb 2014

Keep trying to pull your past to your future with you
not getting anywhere fast not leaving who you're use too
wanting to completely change you outside and in
but not accepting that to do so you must lose it all again

All your memories poetically placed inside a box
free for all the world to see no chains and no big locks
over the years poetic memories were all you held on too
not taking the time to realize they've always been inside of you

There are things that happen in this life you hold tightly in your hands
certain memories you can't let go of for reasons no one understands
holding onto those memories keep you as a person a certain way
even if we don't want too they can keep us stuck inside that day

My memories most poetically are now lost outside that box
free for all the world to see while I'm bound by chains and locks
while I'm desperate to change me completely on the outside as well as in
I can now see some light toward my future not being held down by my past again