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Blinded by the world you surround yourself with. Make sure its worth it...

Losing Sight

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon21 Feb 2014

What she thought she saw in fact wasn't really there,
fabricating an entire world to feel like someone cared,
in doing so she lost sight of her reality at hand,
and gave into this fantasy that she didn't understand,
playing the part they chose for her the part that fit the best,
she played it with such confidence how could they not be impressed, she did what she was told without asking questions she knew she was OK, this was a new kind of trust and love something that couldn't just slip away, the guns were there to save her if someone came and she was alone, she was fully aware that she was working inside this combat zone,
at any moment the wrong crew could come in full force,
ending the life of this girl without one bit of remorse,
in this game you do what you have too without a second thought, no room for errors no time for mistakes when the time comes take the shot, living on a level so high up you lose sight of the ground, the only people that are of importance are the ones that you're around, she was told innocent people would get hurt if they were to get in the way, she was warned about the danger to come and still she chose to stay, what she thought she saw in this fantasy, was another form of a broken family, and when it came crashing down on top of her,
the next few months after only came as a blur, hearing stories of how everything she once helped to protect, was gone & they said it like it was something she was to expect, she had a hard time dealing with the fact that she was now all alone,
and when she was released from being locked up she no longer had a home, she no longer had that broken family she found when losing sight of her past, as quickly as it came to her she lost it all just as fast, what she thought she saw when she lost sight of the world that she ran to, turned out to be another faded memory of the same old deja vu.