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Vent-letter spoken poetically... Professionally.... kinda'... <:3)~~ :)


Cam00730by Beautiful Felon22 Feb 2014

I don't even know how to start this off or add to it
finishing something made from nothing is hard ill admit
my creative use for words is really unintentional
ill try to remember to speak to you a little more professional
it never seemed to be a problem before
its hard to throw my own bad habits out the door
things are a little more rough when we cant see future days
and no matter how hard we fight we remain trapped inside this maze
maze being the struggles we face over and over in life's game
simply make it through with as much sanity as we can claim
spend forever trying to make it right when everything goes wrong
its like trying to put something where it clearly does not belong
but we attempt to make it the way we want despite what others say
shutting them up by accepting advise just to go the opposite way
rebellious to say the least but you kept it so professional
i handled my rebelling in a way you found acceptable
accepting me and what little I do
not judging me by what I've gone through
becoming more to me than some simple protection
losing ourselves in a state of mutual affection
keeping silent doesn't always leave the state of mind at ease
curiosity never killed this cat it left me seeking your expertise
professional or not you left your mark where my soul bleeds
even as I once was you have never been a man of deeds
you think first and then you act
that kind of common sense was something I lacked
another reason we made such a damn good pair
even done professionally the ending was unfair
I guess its better to have lost a love once sensual
then to never experience it even if it wasn't professional...